Celebrity Inspired Beauty Looks

If the sun is stifling your beauty creativity, fret no more, as we have the prettiest summer-friendly looks to help get your gorgeous on. Here are some celebrity beauty looks to inspire you this season.

          Selena Gomez‘s baby pink pout &  Jennifer Lawrence‘s glossy nude lips

   Emma Roberts‘  groomed brows &  Jessica Szohr‘s A-list Do

Bust Out of Your Summer Hair Rut

Unconventional Top Knot

We’re all about wearing a top knot, but to mix this style up a bit, we  suggest you putting a twist on your high bun. And then wrap the hair that’s at the end of the braid into a top knot, like Jessica Alba’s from this year’s Met Gala.”


Atkin adorned Minka Kelly’s braided mane with a chain necklace at the 2013 Met Gala. She suggests making the most out of your statement necklace by weaving it into your hairstyle like she did here, and then securing it to your ‘do with bobby pins.




Sandra Bullock’s Faux Side-Swept Bang

Sandra Bullock showed up at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC for The Heat premiere last night flaunting the new ‘do: a half-up hairstyle with beachy chic texture and a faux side-swept bang.

So, want to recreate her fake side-swept fringe? Part your hair at a slight diagonal, starting direclty above the end of your left eyebrow. Next, bring the hair that falls to the right of the part across your forehead, creating a “side-swept bang,” and gather that piece into the hair that you’re pulling back. (If you already have bangs, work them to the right and pull your hair half up.) Lastly, regardless of whether you’ve faked a fringe or not, add some texture into your hair with a salt spray, intensifying the wave by cupping your hair from the ends and crunching it toward to your roots.

Rust Eye Shadow

Eye shadows in rust, orange, or red tones always look so pretty in the pan, but often make you look sickly when swept across your lids. At the Los Angeles premiere of The Bling Ring, Dianna Agron managed to make the color wearable thanks to some careful layering and blending. “I wanted Dianna’s look to be modern and understated,” said her makeup artist Georgie Eisdell. “Her eyes were the main focus.” Eisdell blended two powder shadows to create a copper-rust shade, then applied the hue to Agron’s crease and outer corners to create depth. She used the color along Agron’s lower lash line, then worked a soft pink on the inner corners of her eyes to act as a subtle highlight. When creating a similar look, apply a soft brown liner along your upper lash line to provide definition, then use a shadow brush to blur any harsh lines. This prevents your eyes from looking washed-out while adding a slight smoky element.

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How to Dress up for a Party

Clothes. This might sound simple but it is not. Clothes can say a lot about you; more than you know. It really depends on where you are going. If you are going to a friends B-day party, I suggest a flattering top and a nice pair of skinny jeans.(Note: make sure that your jeans are not too tight because that can cause stomach issues.) If you are going on a first date, a nice black dress, black heels, and a purse or clutch that really POPS, will make a good impression on the guys. Lastly, if someone you barely know invites you to a big party, wear something with a classic style that still follows the latest trend.

Make-up. When you go out do not wear heavy make-up. It looks so ugly and it draws attention away from your features. Instead, wear a foundation about the same tone of your skin, with a little glow to it. Pick a feature you want to be noticed the most. Work around that. I.e. If you pick your eyes, wear a pretty colored eyeshadow, apricot blush, and a nude lipstick. If you pick your lips, wear natural looking eyeshadow, a skin toned blush, and a bright lipstick.

Hair. Obviously, do something trendy, but if you don’t like how it looks, don’t do it. You can straighten or curl it, anyway you like.Gel and hairspray can help hold a style in place.

Bowling party- Converse, skinny jeans and a nice fitted top.

Sleepover- pajamas and slippers!

Posh dance- dress with a colorful necklace and high heels



  • When straightening or curling your hair, always use anti-burn spray BEFORE you start. These sometimes come in the package, but you can buy them at any place that sells straighteners.
  • Follow the trends as much as you can, but have a classic style to work around.

Funky Eye Makeup Ideas

Funky eye makeup ideas are not for the faint of heart. The next time you’re looking to spice it up a bit, get your funk on.

White Out

The White Out has got to be one of the funkiest eye makeup ideas ever dreamt up by a female with an eyelash curler. If you want a look with an otherworldly appeal, this one is it.

Start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Next, add three or more coats of white eyeshadow – a pearl or metallic formula works best. Now, line those lids with white eyeliner. Use a nice thick line and add a light coating of petroleum jelly so they take on a special sheen. Finish off with several coats of jet-black mascara. For an extra kick, use glitter mascara.


Curl your lashes and then apply either a silver or a metallic while eye shadow over the entire lid of your eye. Line the upper lid with silver or white glitter eyeliner. The glitter is the key with this look. Don’t apply it too thick, but make sure shine is visible. Next, lightly dust the lid with some loose glitter powder. Coat those lashes with glitter or jet black mascara. Your final step is to add a bit of silver cream right above your cheekbones to highlight your look and give your whole face a beautiful glow.

When it comes to eye makeup application, it’s always best to add light layers and build, rather than one heavy layer. Take time to practice your funky eye makeup ideas before you wear them out to make sure you get them just right.(via life123.com)

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Which Vintage-Inspired Hairstyle Do You Like Better On Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba is becoming our number one hair crush as she stepped out in two different vintage-inspired hairstyles this week. What made them work was the modern feel she brought to the classic looks.

For her front row outing at the Christian Dior Haute-Couture show, Alba paired her rich red lip with a low chignon. The way her front strand swept down and was then pinned right above the bun was so 40s chic. But the shiny finish gave the look a modern vibe.

Later in the week, Alba sported an updated French twist at the Sundance premiere of her new film A.C.O.D. From the front, it looks like the classic updo, but from the back you can see how it was loosely rolled up to create volume on top. The loose, messy-chic look and rough texture gives the look a fresh feel.(via dailymakeover.com)

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Simple Beauty Tips

If you’re facing a beauty emergency and can’t dash to the nearest cosmetic counter, don’t panic. Help is at hand – in your own home. Here are three simple but useful beauty tips to the rescue.

1. Toothpaste Kills Pimples

Got a pimple before a big event? Dab on a little toothpaste. According to Dr. Frances Jang, a dermatologist at Skinworks in Vancouver, British Columbia, “It acts like an astringent drawing impurities out of the skin.” The paste will dry up the blemish and help kill germs in the affected area. Dr. Jang recommends that users of this quick fix “find a natural or organic toothpaste with minimal addictives. Get an actual paste, not a gel. Apply a small dab to an acne spot and leave it overnight.” Be sure to use a small amount – too much and your skin may become irritated or excessively dry. In the morning, wash away the paste and your breakout should be less inflamed and noticeable.

2. Baking Soda Removes Self-Tanner Streaks

Self-tanner is a convenient way to have a golden, summertime hue. “It’s a vegetable dye that attaches to the top, dead layer of skin cells,” says Dr. Jang. “People getself-tanner streaks because the product has been applied unevenly, or dead skin cells haven’t been exfoliated properly in advance [of application].” If you have self- tanner streaks, that box of baking soda lurking in your cupboard is your new best friend. Non-toxic and easy to use, just wet some baking soda in your hand and massage the area of your tanning mishap. “It gets pasty and gritty – it’s exfoliating. It’s simply taking off some of the skin cells and lightening the streaking,” says Dr. Jang.

3. Raw Potato Can De-Puff Eyes

For a safe, natural way to deflate eye puffiness, try potatoes. The vegetable has a soothing effect on swollen skin tissues. Cut two slices from a freshly washed and peeled raw potato. Lie down, placing the slices on your eyes. Ten minutes later, remove the potato pieces and rinse the eye area with lukewarm water. “[Potatoes] are astringent, so they can help decrease water retention and therefore, puffy eyes,” says Dr. Jang. In addition to easing puffiness, potatoes have another trick. “Their liquid starch content [contains] an enzyme called catalase that can help lighten dark circles a little bit,” says Dr. Jang. “Sometimes you see it in the over-the-counter skin lightening products – appearing as an enzyme called catecholase.”(via greenparenthood.com)

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Lip Plumper Tips

Do you sometimes think that you would kill for beautiful full lips? Sure, you could get Collagen implants, or tattooed outlines around your lip… But it’s a little bit excessive, I’m sure you’ll agree! There are other cheaper, and much more practical, ways of achieving a similar affect. Here’s how to get beautiful full lips in four easy steps…

Step one: Lip balm babe

Prepare your delicate lips with a generous slick of lip balm in advance. Nobody likes cracked and frayed lips! And in this cold winter weather its important to take more care than usual. (Cold weather will dry the moisture from your lips). Make sure that the lip balm has sunk a little before you go on to step two, otherwise your lip liner won’t work.

Step two: Line and define

Get a natural lip liner, and carefully draw around the very rim of your lips. If you get a wobbly line, don’t panic (and don’t think nobody will notice it)… just carefully remove it and start again! When you have a firm line fill in the rest of your lips with the same color.

Step three: Now add some shine!

Here comes the glamorous bit, the lip-gloss! Again, keep the color natural. Forget lipstick that’s too dark or too light. One thing you’ve gotta remember though, gloss looks better but doesn’t have the staying power of lippy. Make sure you keep it in your purse and re-apply during the day.

Step four: Plump them up

This is the hard bit. But actually it’s not! All you’ve got to do, (after you’ve completed steps one through three), is dot a white shimmery product like eye shadow or an eyebrow highlighter in the very center of your lips. Start slowly, and blend very carefully. What you are looking to achieve is natural looking shading, with your lip color being lighter where your mouth opens. This will create the illusion of beautiful full lips.

Oh, one last thing. Remember, people always want what they haven’t got, so don’t fret… just make the best of what you’ve got. And you know what they say; if you’ve got it, flaunt it!
So pucker up, and be sweet!(via free-beauty-tips.glam.com)

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Chanel Make Fishnets Look Classy

Fishnet eyelashes, you guys. At Chanel. We thought this might possibly be some kind of weird fever dream brought on by the super-flu that’s slowly making its way around our office. But, no, this is a real thing that went down the haute couture runway this week. And maybe it’s the Theraflu talking, but we kind of dig it.

To create these gothic, devilishly disheveled eyes, Chanel’s creative director for makeup, Peter Philips, outlined and filled in the eyes with the new Stylo Eyeshadow in Black Stream (available in May), applied mesh cut-outs along the lash line, then used Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense to blur out the edges and heighten the eerie, sinister vibe of this smeared smoky eye. Lips were given a coat of pinky-beige color and nails were swiped with glittery nude Emprise Le Vernis.

Clearly this isn’t something we’d be trotting out IRL, but in terms of gasp-worthy runway makeup moments, this just claimed one of the top spots on our lists. We also love the idea of an imperfect smoky eye on a more toned-down level — there’s something so brooding and mysterious, yet still intrinsically feminine about it.

What do you think of this spooky, haute couture look?(via refinery29.com)

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