Is “Human Barbie Doll” Valeria Lukyanova a Real Person?

Ukrainian Valeria became an overnight sensation because of her incredible looks and body that will make one think twice if she is real or not. She achieved her beauty through surgery and make up. Although Valeria did not confirm if she have undergone surgery or not.

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Most people seem to think that all of these images have been photoshopped, while others seem to believe she’s nothing more than a freak looking for a bit of attention.

However, Valeria retorted to her critics saying that she only did minor surgeries to achieve her look and she is not a fake person. Moreover, her photos did not go through any editing.

Many criticized Valeria saying that her beauty is fake and it was achieved through photoshop. However, her race may also be the reason behind her incredible looks.

Apart from the admiration for her appearance, Valeria also received criticisms about her health because of her miniature, paper-thin body. Moreover, she was criticized for undergoing surgery to achieve her looks.

It seems that Valeria is still not satisfied with her frail figure. Recently, she shared to her thousands of YouTube subscribers that she hopes to reach “food nihilism”.

“I love all living things, so I do not eat the meat. I eat only fruits and my ultimate goal is to be powered by solar energy, that is a complete rejection of food,” Valeria explained.

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