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1. What is MayKool Rewards & how does the MayKool Rewards program work?

- MayKool Rewards is a loyalty program that allows registered customers to earn points with purchases made or through sending an invite email to your friends. As you accumulate points you are entitled to a discount on your future purchases. see detail redemption at how does the point work?

2. Do points ever expire?

- Yes. Points unredeemed expire 24 months after they are earned. They will be deducted from your current balance of points. You will be notified through email in advanced before the actual date of expiration.

3. What are the benefits of being a registered user?

- Registered users have an opportunity to track their points located in their account.
- Receive weekly newsletters on upcoming styles and promotions
- Track & record your shopping history & keep up-to-date on the latest news
- Earn more points with referral your friends

4. How do I earn points?

- Registered users have an opportunity to earn points in several ways. They include making purchases, inviting your friends to share the news in the MayKool-world, signing up for our newsletter, write product tags and future contests.

Points Source points Redeem Rate
Sign Up Member 200  
Signup Newsletter 50  $1 = 100 Points
Referral First Order 200  
Referral Further Orders 20  

Notes: points will be redeemed by multiple of 100. Example: you have 123 points, you can redeem $1 and remain 23 Points
If you do a post, please notice us(, we will go to confirm it and transfer points to you.

5. How can I view my points?

- Registered users can view their points in the "points & rewards" section. You can view how many points you have earned and how many pending points you will be receiving.

6. How do I refer friends?

- Register for an account with MayKool. Sign-in to your account, click on the 'my referrals' section. Enter as many email addresses of friends of whom you would love to share the promotion with, and click 'invite'.

7. Am I really receiving points for purchases made on

- Yes. Registered users will always be able to view their calculated points in the points section of their account. You will also be able to view incoming and adjusted points to every transaction made.

8. How soon are points added to my account?

- Points are added onto your balance after 1-2 processing days made after the time of purchase. References invites  and signing up for our newsletter will automatically add additional points to your bank.

9. Do I earn additional points after the totaled amount?

- No. You only earn points on the total amount calculated at checkout before tax & shipping.

10. Can I give my points to another person?

- Yes. Please email us, send us the email address onto which account you want to transfer your points to. We will then send a confirmation email to your friend to notify them about the request to go forward with the transaction.
Note: Prohibit malicious registered account to make points.