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Do you love creating written or video reviews for the products you own? Do you currently run a popular website or Youtube channel? This is your chance to become one of our Maykool Product Reviewers.
All you need to do is take one of the products you have purchased from Maykool and make an in-depth review on either your blog or your Youtube channel. Once you have finished your review, just send us the link along with the relevant SKU number. Depending on the quality the review and the popularity of your channel/blog we will give you a cash voucher that can be used for your next purchase on Maykool.
How To Join
1. Make a review for a Maykool item you own. When making a review please consider the following requirements:
- The reviewed item must be in good condition and must still be available for purchase on Maykool.com.
- The review must be new. Reviews you have made in the past will no be accepted.
- The review must contain a link to the relevant Maykool product.
In a word, you just need to make a video or text review of the product you brought from Maykool and introduce the item with what you want to say, then upload and publish it to your YouTube or blogger account.
2. send us the link of your review along with the product SKU number that you reviewed.
3. Once your review is approved by us you will receive a cash voucher. The value of the voucher will depend on the quality of your review, as well as the popularity of your website or Youtube channel. Promoting your review in popular forums will also add to the value of your voucher (links must be provided).
4. Once your video or link gets approved by us, we have the rights to modify and use it for promotion.
How You Make A Good Review That Is Possible to Win
1) Please show the package of the item in the video, and introduce the item in details.
2) Please speak loudly and clearly in the video. If you like, you can sing or rap. Anyway what you need is simply to attract people’s eyes. The images of the item are encouraged to be as clear as possible.
3) The minimum video length is 70s. You can make it longer, but on the premise that it is compelling.
4) The item name and link to the product should be showed in the description of the video. If there are more than one items in your video, you should add all the links of the items. Please always keep this in mind and then you are probably the winner or the next winner.
5) Show you shopping experience at Maykool in your video or blogger
6) Show the photo of your style with Maykool clothing or shoes
7) Maykool reserves the final right of explanation, investigation and verification of the activity.
If you're interested in becoming a Maykool Product Reviewer then get in touch with us
at cooperate@maykool.com. We hope to hear from you soon!